2014 Board of Directors Elections: Accepting Applications for Open Positions

Sister Cities International’s Board of Directors is elected by its voting members—local sister city organizations. The election includes both electronic voting from June 12-August 1, 2014 as well as in-person voting at the Annual Business Meeting on August 1, held during Sister Cities International’s Annual Conference. More information on the election as well as service on the Board of Directors can be found in the FAQ here: www.sistercities.org/BoardFAQ.

Seven (7) at-large Board positions as well as one (1) Youth Representative will be filled by election during the Annual Business Meeting at the Annual Conference in San Jose, California on August 1, 2014. The at-large Board positions are three-year terms (2014-2017) and the Youth position is a one-year term (2014-2015). Applicants to either position should use the attached application. Applicants for Youth Representative must be under 21 years of age.

Candidates seeking these positions must agree to all requirements listed in the application form, including attendance at the Annual Conference and Business Meeting July 31-August 2, 2014 in San Jose, California and an annual donation of $2,000 for each year served as a director (annual donation waived for Youth Representatives). Candidates must register for the Annual Conference prior to their candidacy being announced, although they may wait until the Elections Committee of the Board of Directors has certified their candidacy on May 9th.

CLICK HERE to download the application form.

It is the policy of Sister Cities International Board of Directors that each candidate applying for the above positions, including current directors running for second terms, must submit their application materials and all supplemental information by 5:00pm ET on April 30th, 2014 to Adam Kaplan, Membership Director at [email protected]. Applications received after this date will not be considered. The application materials to be submitted include:

  • The application form, to be completed, signed, and scanned, and submitted as a PDF/.jpeg
  • Three narrative answers to questions below, to be submitted in Word format. All narrative answers will be reproduced in the candidate’s profile on Sister Cities International’s website and other election materials provided to voting members. Please take note of all word count requests throughout the application. If an applicant exceeds the desired word count, Sister Cities International may edit your response to meet the requirements.
  • Headshot/Photograph for use on election materials and ballot, submitted as .jpeg/.png
  • Letter of support from an elected official or representative of local sister city program (Board Chair/President/Committee Head), submitted as .jpeg/.png/PDF (max size, 1MB

All candidates will receive electronic confirmation of their applications within two days of receipt. If you do not receive confirmation within two days, please contact Adam Kaplan at 202-347-8634.


Please be sure to review the FAQ available online at www.sistercities.org/boardfaq.

Narrative Portion

Please submit answers to the following in Word format with your application materials:

1. A brief biographical description, including relevant experience in your sister city program or other organizations (up to 250 words)

2. A statement of why you want to run for the Board of Directors (up to 200 words)

3. The major skills and assets that you will bring to the board (up to 75 words)