Congratulations to the 2014 Sister Cities International Annual Award Winners!

The Annual Awards Program highlights your sister city program’s achievements and brings international recognition to your community’s contributions to the citizen diplomacy movement. Sister Cities International established the Annual Awards Program in 1962 to recognize exceptional sister city programs. Current dues-paying members of Sister Cities International with at least one formally recognized sister city partnership can apply for the Awards.


Best Overall Program

Population Less than 25,000: Sebastopol World Friends
Population Between 25,001-50,000: The Corvallis – Gondar Sister Cities Association
Population Between 50,001-100,000: Santa Barbara/Puerto Vallarta Sister City Committee
Population Between 100,001-300,000: Lexington Sister Cities
Population Between 300,001-500,000: Sister Cities Association of Virginia Beach
Population Greater than 500,001: Chicago Sister Cities International

Innovation: Arts & Culture   

Population Less than 100,000: Rehoboth Beach Sister Cities Association
Population Between 100,001-500,000: Tachikawa – San Bernardino Sister City Committee Inc.
Population Greater than 500,001: Ulaanbaatar – Denver Sister Cities Committee

Innovation: Economic Development

Population Less than 100,000: City of Hinesville
Population Greater than 500,001: City of San Antonio

Innovation: Energy & Sustainable Development

Population Less than 100,000: Sister Cities Association of Sarasota

Innovation: Humanitarian Assistance

Population Between 100,001-500,000: Richmond Sister Cities Commission
Population Greater than 500,001: Milwaukee County / Buffalo City

Innovation: Youth & Education

Population Less than 100,000: Sister Cities Essex Haiti, Inc.
Population Between 100,001-500,000: Eugene – Chinju Sister City Committee
Population Greater than 500,001: Fresno Sister Cities

Volunteer of the Year

Starr Hurley, Sister Cities International Northern California