Doha, State of Qatar donates $100,000 to Charleston Sister Cities

The Sister City partner Doha and the people of the State of Qatar made contributions to Charleston Sister Cities International. Their extremely generous donation of $100,000 will be used to fund the purchase of Coronavirus medical supplies and equipment.

 This donation was initiated by Ambassador Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad al Thani after he and Mayor John J. Tecklenburg signed a Sister Cities International partnership agreement to deepen cooperation between the two cities in trade, investment

His Excellency Sheikh Meshal Bin Hamad Al Thani

, and culture. Ambassador Al-Tahani says that “Qatar deeply values our partnership with Charleston and offers this gift to assist with Charleston’s challenges posed by COVID-19”. In return, Neita A. Wiese, President of Charleston Sister Cities International invited the Ambassador to Charleston, Corona Virus Permitting, to a reception honoring the State o Qatar for their generous gesture of goodwill inspired by the Doha-Charleston Sister Cities Partnership.  Charleston County Council Chair Elliot Summey states that they are thankful to the City of Doha and the citizens of Qatar, as well as Ambassador Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani for the donation that will go towards purchasing personal protective equipment in relation to the Corona Virus/COVID-19. He also states that this is a good example of how global communities can work together for the greater good.

Charleston City Councilmember and member of the Doha-Charleston Sister Cities International Committee Kevin Shealy said, “I want to express my appreciation for the kind and generous offer from the Embassy and people of Qatar as a result of our Sister Cities partnership with Doha. This donation comes at a critical time for Charleston. We will continue to work with our medical community, and this financial support will be of great help.” 

It is extremely encouraging to see Sister Cities come together during times of need, and there has been no shortage of that between the Doha-Charleston Sister Cities!