MedStar and Texas Health Resources to Donate Ambulance & Supplies to Fort Worth Sister City – Toluca, Mexico

Sister Cities of Fort Worth, Texas and Toluca, Mexico worked together to provide medical resources for its residents. See below to read the amazing work they’ve done!

Community Release: MedStar and Texas Health Resources to Donate Ambulance & Supplies to Fort Worth Sister City – Toluca, Mexico


Some parts of the world are not able to have the state-of-the-art emergency medical services equipment that are available to many communities in the United States.  Such was the case for the City of Toluca, the capital of the State of Mexico.  It is the center of a rapidly growing urban area and the fifth-largest city in Mexico, home to 750,000 residents.


Thankfully, for local residents and leaders, Toluca has a partnership with Fort Worth Sister Cities International!  The Toluca city leaders mentioned to Fort Worth Sister Cities that they were having challenges with reliable ambulance vehicles for their fire department.


Fort Worth Sister Cities approached MedStar about the possibility of donating one of our surplus ambulances to the City of Toluca Fire Department.  MedStar’s public Board agreed to donate a 2016 Chevy, Trauma Hawk Type III ambulance to the Municipality of Toluca, which will be added to its current fleet.


“We’ve been informed that the ambulance will be the newest model in the Toluca fleet” said Florence Salazar Bruner, Chair of the Toluca committee.  The Covid-19 pandemic has presented Toluca with hardships in their medical community.  “We are honored that we can help them during this crisis.  We are standing by and ready to assist our brothers and sisters in Toluca.”


Texas Health Resources, a partner of Fort Worth Sister Cities International, also arranged a very generous donation of 7,300 N95 masks, which will be included as part of the donation to Toluca.


Ambulance Donation Ceremony:

Mr. Daniel Gomez of the Toluca Fire Department will be picking up the donated ambulance and supplies during a brief ceremony on Wednesday, December 2nd, 10:00a in the east parking lot of MedStar’s headquarters at 2900 Alta Mere Drive, Fort Worth.  Fort Worth City Council representatives Carlos Flores and Dr. Brian Byrd will be present to represent the City of Fort Worth.  MedStar’s Interim Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Simpson and Shaun Curtis, MedStar’s Support Services Manager will also be present.  From Fort Worth Sister Cities International, Chairman of the Board Becky Renfro Borbolla, Chair-elect Greg Jackson, Toluca Chair Florence Salazar Bruner and President/CEO Mae Ferguson will be in attendance, as well as Anette Landeros, President of the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.