SCI President and CEO Explains the Meaning Behind the 2019 SCI Annual Conference Theme


SCI President and CEO Roger Mark De Souza explains why this year’s theme, “Cities Mean Business” is relevant to cities and their engagement in Sister Cities International’s citizen diplomat network. SCI members have access to an array of benefits and become part of an incredible network of citizen diplomats working to ensure peace worldwide.


Sister Cities International has awarded the Sister Cities International Dwight D. Eisenhower Peace Prize since 2016, the 60th Anniversary of the White House Summit on Citizen Diplomacy convened by President Eisenhower. Founded as a Presidential Initiative by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, Sister Cities International serves as the national membership organization for over 500 individual sister cities, counties, and states across the United States with relationships in over 2,000 communities in 140 countries on six continents. The sister city network unites tens of thousands of citizen diplomats and volunteers who work tirelessly to promote the organizations’ mission of creating world peace and understanding through economic development, youth and education, arts and culture, and humanitarian assistance.


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